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Theodore ‘Ted’ Sigman was an engineer, a NABIE member, an active board member of NABIE, and the fifth president of the organization from 2000-2002.  The Theodore Sigman Memorial Lecture was established after Theodore Sigman’s death in 2005.  Theodore Sigman was respected during his time as a member devoting a great amount of time and talent to NABIE matters and is best known for his predisposition to think independently, creatively, and to be unafraid of thinking about new or different venues to solve problems or promote NABIE.  He had a reputation as the quintessential engineer who approached all technical issues with engineering preciseness.  To honor Mr. Sigman and his contribution to NABIE and the engineering profession that we designate one speaker at each conference as the Theodore Sigman Memorial Lecture.

Examiner Article – Ted Sigmund