Qualifications for Membership

NABIE welcomes any person who has demonstrated an interest in the building inspection industry and, accepts the NABIE mission statement, to join our organization. Professional memberships are granted to both engineers and architects who meet the qualifications outlined below. Professional members are granted full voting rights in NABIE.

Special memberships are available to individuals who do not meet the requirements below, but still have demonstrated an interest in our industry.

In addition to the engineering degree (from an accredited school of engineering) and evidence of professional engineering registration, NABIE members must have actual hands-on experience in engineering involving inspection, investigation, and consultation relating to the structural components; mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems; and other components of commercial and residential buildings.Membership in NABIE also requires a minimum number of buildings inspected or evaluated. An Admissions Committee reviews these documents as well as evaluating references from other engineers who know about the candidate’s work. Professional engineers are required to have and maintain membership in the¬†National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

Registered Architects who are members of the American Institute of Architects (AlA), or another national architectural society satisfactory to the Admission Committee may petition the Admissions Committee for admission by providing evidence of experience and qualifications comparable to that required above. Admission requires recommendations by the Admissions Committee and approval by the board.