Benefits of Membership

NABIE Benefits of Membership

Among the benefits and services that NABIE offers its members are:

  • We are a network of colleagues, professional engineers and architects with common purposes, and a willingness to share and support one another in building inspection engineering.
  • One of the ways we do this is at our popular annual meeting, which includes technical seminars that offer continuing education credits.
  • We are the “sponsoring organization” of a building inspection engineering certification program that is now administered by BIECI.
  • Informally, we call it “the NSPE Connection”. NABIE is a chartered member of the National Society of Professional Engineers. We are one of two engineering organizations that rely on NSPE for legal and support services.
  • NABIE published the “Standards of Practice“, standards that are the highest in the industry.
  • Our website is highly visible to the public. It explains why an engineer should be consulted over others who do inspections.
  • We take positions and advocate for building inspection engineers in state legislatures, engineering boards and home inspector licensure boards.
  • NABIE is often consulted by journalists, writers and publicists who focus on information dissemination about building inspection including Consumer Reports and the Wall Street Journal.
  • The conference provides members with tremendous internal education as members share what they have learned in conducting inspections and how it can benefit other members.
  • The skills of the membership cover a broad scope of engineering disciplines. Often a member can rely on another to bring a skill set to an investigation or project outside of his or her expertise for the benefit of the client.
  • For small professional offices, a large highly qualified peer group can provide support, guidance and a second opinion.
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NABIE encourages all professional engineers and architects involved in the building inspection engineering industry to join our organization.

Standards of Practice

Perhaps the greatest contribution made to the building inspection engineering industry has been the development of the NABIE Standards of Practice

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