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Structural inspections of condominium buildings have been more important since the tragedy in Florida. The buildings haven’t changed. No flurry of earthquakes, Just the inevitable work of weather, water and time.

Thoughtful association boards have recognized the need to periodically inspect the common elements of their buildings and plan adequate reserves. Those associations may have had full structural inspections in the past. Perhaps they have been prompted to recently have one.

Now financial institutions and local government organizations are getting into the act. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are asking lenders to answer questions regarding the buildings structural condition and status of any inspections. They are also scrutinizing reserves for adequate funding. Some cities have already enacted ordinances for high rise structural inspection. The Community Associations Institute has issued guidelines for inspection and reserves. More slowly but just as certainly states are considering legislation.

Associations can get ahead of the issue, perform their fiduciary duty and protect their owner’s investment by performing a structural inspection and updating their reserve study. As many know the recommendation has been reserves are best reviewed and updated every 3 to 5 years.

The qualifications of those performing the structural inspections are important. Every inspection guideline or rule maker recognized the specific skills of a Professional Engineer are needed. Beyond that, the inspector trained as a structural engineer is paramount. Membership in organizations such as The National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE) is an additional marking of particular skill in building construction assessment by a professional engineer. Further evidence of skill in a P.E. is  holds a Building Inspection Engineers Certificate.

NABIE’s professional engineers fulfill all the important qualifications for performing inspections, including structural and all the building component systems. With that skill set and knowledge of how systems age with use, we are prepared to provide comprehensive inspection and reserve studies.

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