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Our Past President, David Carlysle, P.E., F.NSPE, CBIE has been serving on one of, if not the most, important NSPE Committee: Licensure and Qualifications for Practice (L&QP) Committee.  A significant part of this year’s NSPE Annual meeting was discussion about L&QP activity. This committee develops policy recommendations for NSPE and works with other organizations including the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, (NCEES) which had developed a 2020 Model Law that would require a B.S. in engineering from an EAC/ABET accredited program plus a master’s degree in engineering from an institution that offers EAC/ABET programs.  Another initiative of the L & QP committee has been to advance the opposition of the Industrial Exemption.  For some historical perspective see: .   The NSPE blog/licensing web site has ongoing discussions about issues being debated in the L & QP committee which may be of interest to you as it affects your own State policy.  The National Academy of Engineering, NSPE, NCEES, and ASCE have been cooperating in a “Raise the Bar Initiative” which has very good 8 minute video and other supportive information at:  I thank David for participating on our behalf.  David’s participation is advancing awareness of Building Inspection Engineering in general and NABIE in particular. 
NSPE has been providing additional assistance to NABIE for which I thanked their Board of Directors at the July annual meeting.  One example was last year’s survey of all NSPE members.  I expect that our next Conference will get prominent coverage on the NSPE website and by blast e-mail distribution. While the officers and many of the NSPE board members do know that NSPE membership is required for NABIE membership, a large number of NSPE Board members do not know that fact when I polled the Board.  More work is needed to promote the fact that we are a part of NSPE and not just a liaison group.  I encourage everyone to be sure your State PE Society leadership is knowledgeable about our requirements for NABIE membership.  Promoting NABIE within your state leadership and your state society administrative people will not only help NABIE but it will reap benefits for your business with referrals from the administrative office and from engineering firms that do not provide due diligence building engineering inspections.
A remarkably energetic and passionate young engineer, Austin S. Lin, P.E.,    presented an initiative entitled: Career Engineering Roadmap (CER) at the annual NSPE meeting.  Austin is the National Director – Young Engineers.  The Career Engineering Roadmap aims to promote the vast possibilities of career development opportunities for those with an engineering background. Designed as a 90-minute seminar targeted at junior and senior engineering undergraduates and emerging young engineering professionals, the program aims to map out the career choices of emerging engineers using three key principles:

  • CER Principle 1 – Engineering is more than a degree. Engineering is a way of thinking.
  • CER Principle 2 – Engineering is a foundational skill-set, providing multifaceted career choices, including those outside the realm of traditional engineering disciplines.
  • CER Principle 3 – Engineering is a career path that can be planned and strategized. Individuals with engineering skills are empowered with the capability and the agility to adapt to the changing needs of the contemporary global economy.

Austin is seeking engineers who would be interested in making presentations.  For those interested, please contact Austin at:
NSPE Members can get 50% off EJCDC documents at: NSPE members can assess 15 free on-demand courses at:
Our NABIE marketing committee has begun their work under the leadership of Robert Roop, P.E., CBIE.  Meetings are taking place using the GoToMeeting format where all participants can view the same working document and talk through the computer connection with VoIP preferably with a headset or by mike and speaker, or they can call into the meeting by phone to a specific phone number for that particular meeting. This committee work follows up the Forum held at our last conference at which time many had signed up to participate.  As Robert put it in his start up e-mail: the initial objectives of this work are two: 1) Improve visibility of NABIE as the organization for consumers to find professional building inspection engineers, recognize why they need us and attract new NABIE members; and 2) Develop and provide NABIE members with the tools they need to promote their individual practices.  You can contact Robert at:
Recently I had a taste of my own medicine. I hired a marine surveyor to inspect a boat but could not attend.  He called when en route back to his office telling me of some defects that required repair or replacement and essentially telling me that the older classic vessel, with some complexity, was typical for its age.  I felt good. The next day I received the report.  I wished I was still drinking and having a few stiff ones.   The report was very thorough as I pride my own work.  But when I saw it in black and white with some color photos of issues, my heart sank.  I was not prepared for the cold hard facts. I realized I had a romance with this purchase and now learned of its infidelities.  I met the surveyor during a subsequent sea trial and he was everything technically and personally I had expected and had wanted. He was thorough and very professional. I do not have the answer but I am more sensitive to the totality of my presentation to my clients and I am doing more follow-up.
By Peter A. Schkeeper, PE