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If you didn’t connect with the April, 2013 issue of PE Magazine (NSPE’s publication), use the link below to pursue the content we are about to discuss:
Button Text NSPE did a fine job in highlighting what many of us already know: working as a building inspection engineer allow us all greater access to the public than might generally be the case for PEs.  For that reason, NABIE can be at the forefront of stressing the integrity and expertise found in professional engineers actively engaged in this work.
The article did a good job in covering NABIE’s mission, as well as providing a bit of organization history. Also addressed were the varying missions of NABIE over the years, including attempts to influence building inspection legislation in many states, and a highly successful effort to develop a now nationally recognized certification program in building inspection engineering.
For many years NABIE has been actively represented to our parent organization, NSPE, by liaison person Andrew Haimes, P.E.  Andy has been a tireless representative of NABIE interests to NSPE as well as a familiar face at many of our annual meetings.
It is indeed fitting that the article would kick off with an observation by Andy about the role of building inspection engineer PEs.
If you haven’t yet seen the article, use the link above or log in to the NSPE web site and find your way to the PE Magazine part of the site.  There you will be able to access past issues and find the April 2013 one containing this article.
*This article had been posted in the Spring-Summer 2013 edition of The Examiner.