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The summer of 2013 finds the construction and real estate markets rebounding in some segments of the country, and I hope that is translating into a better business environment for NABIE members. Natural disasters have again this year dominated much of the news in the Midwest, the Rockies, and the East Coast and often times those events provide NABIE members with opportunities to help building owners and communities rebuild. While we are all engaged in the business of buildings in one form or another, the methods we use to conduct our business and the methods used by our clients to conduct their business are changing almost every day. We all find ourselves having to not only keep up with specific business trends but the business of conducting business as well. That task can be daunting, time consuming and perhaps expensive, especially for the sole proprietor or small business.
The officers this year have renewed our pledge, started by Peter Schkeeper, PE the outgoing President, to work diligently to make sure NABIE is serving YOUR needs. There are many places you can spend your time and money, both personally and professionally. We want NABIE to be one of those places that provide you with a return on your investment. I encourage every member to express your ideas about the issues important to you and how you think NABIE can best serve your needs; this is not only encouraged but really necessary if we are to make sure this organization achieves its mission.
We are working to make the web site more useful and useable to you since we truly are a virtual organization. We need to have this web portal be an important tool for your business. We have begun the work of planning next years annual meeting and symposium in an effort to bring a quality program to you. We are going to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area where there is a lot for both you and the family to do and where there is excellent access to universities and manufacturers of products you frequently inspect or specify. Plan now for this meeting (date and place noted in this newsletter) and please send us any ideas you have for programs or subjects you would like to know more about.
The current  slate of officers and board members have a lot of energy and interest in making sure we serve your needs. They are all playing key roles in helping get the work of NABIE done and in serving the profession of Building Inspection Engineering. We look forward over the next two years to finding important ways to serve your needs and look forward to hearing from you.
By William L. Coulbourne, PE