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This has been a particularly active year for NABIE membership.  We have experienced a considerable upsurge in membership, but we also have had a number of members leave the organization as they grow older and retire.  Overall our membership ranks remain about stable.
Retirement need not be a reason to leave our ranks, but that remains a personal decision.  One reason to consider maintaining a presence is that building inspection engineering is highly dependent on experience.  One need only examine our ranks to realize that this is an area of engineering that is populated by somewhat older, more experienced practitioners.  Keeping active with us, even in retirement, offers a chance to pass knowledge along to newer and younger members.

*      *      *

This year, too, we have learned of the passing of two of our members.
Robert Wolf, PE was a 12 year member of NABIE.  Robert was a Virginia Tech graduate and had been a licensed professional engineer in West Virginia since 1953.
Raymond Mignogna, PE’s membership activity with NABIE goes back to 1994.  Ray was licensed in numerous states, but most recently had been in Florida.  Raymond had also been active in New York.
Both of these members had a clear dedication to the practice of building inspection engineering; NABIE and the professional engineering profession will miss them.  We offer our condolences to their families and friends.

*     *     *

Our membership committee met at the end of December and reviewed applications, favorably acting on the following all of whom have become new members:
Edward Robinson of Texas joins as a professional member.  An engineering graduate of the University of Houston, Edward is a Texas PE providing building inspection engineering services at Professional Engineering Inspections in Friendswood, TX.
David Yancy, also of Texas, joins as a professional member as well.  David is a graduate of the University of Nevada where he majored in civil and environmental engineering.  A PE in Texas, David is part of the Criterium-Hicks operation in Stafford, TX.
Charles Butt, a New York licensed Professional Engineer from Hicksville, NY, has become a professional member.  Charles is an electrical engineering graduate of Polytechnic Institute (Brooklyn, NY) and also holds a Masters Degree from Long Island University.  Charles has been an active member of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers.
We welcome our three newest members.  You may encounter all of them at our San Antonio meeting as each has expressed some interest in the conference.