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The NABIE board once again met in Philadelphia, PA for the Fall 2011 meeting.
This year’s meeting was especially unique in that it incorporated a morning presentation by NABIE member Russell Strahan, chairperson of the Standards of Practice Committee.  Russell reported to the board from his location in Texas utilizing Go To Meeting.  While Go To Meeting has been used within NABIE under President Peter Schkeeper’s leadership, this was the first time in NABIE history that such technology was used in a board meeting.  It allowed a thorough presentation by Russell, an opportunity to see first hand materials prepared by the committee, and an opportunity for discussion by the board with Russell on the committee’s work.
Another topic discussed by the board concerned dues delinquency by a number of members.  Board members fully understand the difficult economic times for our sector of the engineering profession and NABIE has typically handled dues delinquency on a somewhat ad hoc basis.  As the problem appears to have compounded in the last two dues cycle a more formal strategy is being evaluated.
The board urges all members to check your dues status.  Ensure you are up to date for both 2011 and 2010.  Delinquency notices are pending for a number of members and those behind for two years may be subject to separation from the organization.
Dues notices for the upcoming year (2012) will be issued before the end of December.