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For many years NABIE has issued a complete new certificate of membership annually, along with a wallet card.  This year (2011) we will be issuing a membership certificate that will remain in effect until such time as your membership grade advances.  For the certificate to remain valid you must be up to date with your dues, as demonstrated by a wallet card you will receive when your annual dues payment is processed.  Look for your permanent certificate in the coming months.
You will want to validate your email address with NABIE.  Check to be sure we have your correct email address by visiting the website ( and searching for yourself in our listing.  If the address needs updating you may do so by logging in under “current members” from the home page.  Once logged in, click on “change email” to execute the revision.
Your email will become very important to our new officers in their quest to conduct surveys and other member oriented tasks.  We will also be discontinuing printed distribution of our quarterly publication The Examiner, substituting an electronic format.  Look for the change later this year.
*This article had been posted in the Spring 2011 edition of The Examiner.