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NABIE Board Member Sid Burns, P.E. will be speaking at the NSPE Annual Conference in Las Vegas on June 20th, 2018!  Come hear his session entitled, Managing the Threats of Artificial Intelligence.
His session will explore artificial intelligence in civilian and military terms. The purpose will be defined as it relates to the Internet of All Things, including humans. Both voluntary and involuntary methods have been used to promulgate artificial intelligence and generate Big Data needed in preparation for full implementation. With active deployment of 5G wireless technologies and supporting devices, the development of adiabatic quantum computing with capabilities to process Big Data and emerging human-machine interfaces, the means of full integration are advancing rapidly. As integration technologies are deployed, all animate and inanimate things will be assimilated into an autonomous hive mind such as Purdue University’s Sentient World Simulation. Deployment of autonomous and robotic systems threaten to displace a significant portion of the labor force, taking jobs from skilled and unskilled professions alike. An understanding of the goals, objectives of artificial intelligence, the means by which it is deployed, the communication systems it uses to integrate data and how that data will be assimilated to accomplish its ultimate purpose is essential for decision making, personally and corporately, as to how to best respond to the existential threats posed by artificial intelligence will be discussed.