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As professional engineers committed to maintaining safe structures and infrastructure, we cheer the HBO star, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight three minute Infrastructure video. It presents the very serious issue of infrastructure deterioration in a humorous but hard hitting way. Remember the American Society of Civil Engineers Report Card for American Infrastructure graded most US infrastructure a “D”.  As the video lampoons, this is not a sexy discussion (Can’t believe you saw that word on an engineering web site “Sexy!”), but it is one we must start having.
This is also a serious issue as it relates to building management.  In most cases it seems the old saying holds true, “Out of Sight is Out of Mind”.  Many building owners don’t recognize a problem until something fails or is close to it.   We don’t have our own video yet, but enjoy the video below and keep us in mind when you approach your building wondering what problems lurks in that facade.  If you really want to know, contact a NABIE engineer.
View the video then contact your county, state, federal representatives demanding action.