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DJI, One of the leading drone manufacturers, has just released the Spark.  This is the smallest full featured drone they have released the Spark has many of the features that their big sellers the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 platforms include but in a much smaller package.

I have not tested the spark yet but based upon recreational flying/testing of my DJI Phantom 3 the DJI Spark could be a top inspection drone for a quick look at a roof on short notice.  I have a DJI Phantom 3 that I purchased last year to test using a drone for inspections for nearly $1,00.00.  Based upon my testing using the Phantom 3 I did not find it terribly promising to carry on the truck for periodic use.  Using the drone to evaluate a roof in any usable detail took more time than I anticipated and it did not appear to be very cost effective for a small job where I could hire a roofer for access for about the same price.   There was also difficulties in carrying the drone and dealing with it on site because it was a little bulky to store and carry.  What a drone is good for is quickly finding larger concerns to justify getting better access, or simply getting places you could not go without a 40 foot ladder, and it is in this area this drone appears to be a perfect fit.
Considering typical daily usage to be a quick look and not an extensive survey, along with the fact that the Spark retails for around $500.00, this smaller platform may prove to be very useful even with its only slightly lower resolution camera because it is small enough to carry and to send onto a roof or view a tall wall system.  It would also be good for the larger view to get an idea of what is going on with a building without a lot of fuss and yet it is small enough to tuck into a toolbox.
If you were thinking of getting a drone to try out or use for quick looks at problems you cannot quickly get to on short notice, this one may just be the one for you.  For commercial use you will still need to get an FAA license, but you needed one anyway.