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NSPE has recently rolled out a new product they are calling NSPE Communities.  What is NSPE Communities?  It is a discussion board that allows NSPE users to participate in discussion topics divided into community interests and the sub interests below that.  The purpose of this new offering is to promote socialization and discussion among engineers.  Will it be successful?  That is all up to you.  It will be interesting to see if our membership will participate.
Currently there are only a few Community subdivisions, but I am hoping that will change and that perhaps you will see a NABIE Community soon.  Participation is easy.  You go to the web site and use your NSPE credentials to log in.  When you log in you are automatically a member of the All-Members Open Forum.  From there you can participate in message threads or add your own.  As part of your contributions you can also attach files, which may be of interest to the discussion.
After you have joined a community you can then interact through email.  There are several methods of interacting, which allow both interaction to a group or to an individual.  A full set of instruction is provided once you log into the Communities web site, and you should review them to benefit from all the available features.
Early in the new web site development NABIE attempted to field a service such as this but there was little interest.  There is hope that this new broader community will provide greater interest to NSPE and NABIE membership.