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CoulbourneWilliam L. Coulbourne, P.E. NABIE President
Mr. Coulbourne is a resident of Rehoboth Beach, DE.  He has experience as the Director of Wind and Flood Hazard Mitigation for the Applied Technology Council. Mr. Coulbourne has a BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Structural Engineering from the University of Virginia. He is a national expert in wind and flood mitigation and has been involved in FEMA Mitigation Assessment Teams for over 17 years. He has been involved in every major hurricane and flood disaster since 1995. He has investigated failures and mitigation design techniques for thousands of buildings including residential structures, schools used as shelters, hospitals, and other critical facilities. He holds Certifications in Structural Engineering and Building Inspection Engineering. Mr. Coulbourne has been involved in writing numerous publications including being one of the primary authors for FEMA’s Coastal Construction Manual, and co-authoring the Wind Design Guide for ATC and the Guide to the Wind Load Provisions for ASCE 7-05 for ASCE Press.
Untitled-1_03Mark Soderlund, P.E. NABIE Vice President
Mr. Soderlund is the Principal Engineer with Advanced Consulting & Inspection, LLC which he founded in 1996.  His practice areas include design and analysis of wood-frame construction, building science and water intrusion investigations, construction defect claims and forensics.  During the past 17 years, Mr. Soderlund has been involved in over 2000 construction defect claims and has provided expert testimony in numerous cases.  In addition to NABIE, he is a senior member of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers.   His prior work includes more than ten years experience in industry, five years in research and education, and is credited with three patents.  Mr. Soderlund received his BS and MS degrees from North Dakota State University and is certified in Building Inspection Engineering.
Untitled-1_04Mark A. Waldman, P.E. NABIE Treasurer
Mr. Waldman is the founder and President of Waldman Engineering Consultants, Inc.  Mr. Waldman is a 1982 and 1984 graduate of Pennsylvania State University with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil and Structural Engineering, respectively.  He is a registered Professional Engineer and a registered Structural Engineer in the state of Illinois with more than 20 years of engineering, design, and construction experience.   Mr. Waldman holds LEED AP certification as designated by the U.S. Green Building Council.  He is a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Mr. Waldman has completed numerous technical problem-solving and reserve studies for Illinois condominium associations and has authored a technical paper on Lifetime Capital Reserve Studies that was published in the Technical Journal of the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers, 1995.
Untitled-1_05Sidney T. Burns, P.E. NABIE Secretary
Mr. Burns is the President of Due Diligence, Inc.  He graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1976 with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree.  He is a BIECI board certified Building Inspection Engineer and a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Florida.  Mr. Burns has 36 years of experience inspecting all types of commercial, industrial, retail, multifamily and residential properties and developable land, specifically focusing on property condition assessments for real estate investors, lenders and other professionals.  His expertise lies in visual inspections, nondestructive examinations, component testing, maintenance, and welding and repairs.  Mr. Burns has been an active member and contributor to NABIE for many years.