Among the benefits and services that NABIE offers its members are:

  • We are a network of colleagues, professional engineers and architects with common purposes, and a willingness to share and support one another in building inspection engineering.
  • One of the ways we do this is at our popular annual meeting, which includes technical seminars that offer continuing education credits.
  • The EXAMINER is our Internet delivered newsletter updated weekly.
  • We are the “sponsoring organization” of a building inspection engineering certification program that is now administered by BIECI.
  • Informally, we call it “the NSPE Connection”. NABIE is a chartered member of the National Society of Professional Engineers. We are one of two engineering organizations that rely on NSPE for legal and support services.
  • NABIE published the “Standards of Practice”, standards that are the highest in the industry. [ more info ]
  • Our website is highly visible to the public. It explains why an engineer should be consulted over others who do inspections.
  • We take positions and advocate for building inspection engineers in state legislatures, engineering boards and home inspector licensure boards.
  • NABIE is often consulted by journalists, writers and publicists who focus on information dissemination about building inspection including Consumer Reports and the Wall Street Journal.