Among the benefits and services that NABIE offers its members are:

  • We are a network of colleagues, professional engineers and architects with common purposes, and a willingness to share and support one another in building inspection engineering.
  • One of the ways we do this is at our popular annual meeting, which includes technical seminars that offer continuing education credits.
  • The EXAMINER is our Internet delivered newsletter updated weekly.
  • We are the "sponsoring organization" of a building inspection engineering certification program that is now administered by BIECI.
  • Informally, we call it "the NSPE Connection". NABIE is a chartered member of the National Society of Professional Engineers. We are one of two engineering organizations that rely on NSPE for legal and support services.
  • NABIE published the "Standards of Practice", standards that are the highest in the industry. [ more info ]
  • Our website is highly visible to the public. It explains why an engineer should be consulted over others who do inspections.
  • We take positions and advocate for building inspection engineers in state legislatures, engineering boards and home inspector licensure boards.
  • NABIE is often consulted by journalists, writers and publicists who focus on information dissemination about building inspection including Consumer Reports and the Wall Street Journal.

Top 25 Reasons to Join

1. Advocacy

NABIE represents your interests before the business community and government. And if your business or industry faces major threats, your association is there, fighting for you.

2. Benefits

NABIE offers a variety of tangible benefits to members and their employees: purchasing discounts, group health and life insurance, retirement plans and more.

3. Convenience

When you're facing a problem, isn't it great to be able to shop for a variety of solutions under one roof? NABIE is a "one-stop" center for advice, contacts, inspiration and suggestions on a wide range of topics.

4. Data

Want to know the current size of your market? Understand the most recent buying trends? Get a handle on your competition from other industries? Chances are NABIE can furnish you with up-to-date data on these issues

5. Economy

Don't reinvent the wheel when it comes time to save money, consolidate an operation, or enhance efficiency. Tell NABIE what you are trying to do and NABIE can tell you how your peers have already done it

6. Friendship

NABIE's members are people who have many of the same concerns, needs and interests as you. They're the kind of people you'll enjoy meeting.

7. Give-and-Take

NABIE provides members with the opportunity to discuss their mutual problems

8. Happenings

NABIE sponsors a variety of enriching events and activities: conferences, receptions, luncheons, forums,...

9. Ideas

One of the most valuable benefits of NABIE membership is the opportunity to "listen in" on the creativity of peers.

10. Joining

Together, NABIE has a better chance of being heard. By the public and other professionals.

11. Know-How

Got a problem? NABIE can put you in touch with the individuals who have the "know-how" you need.

12. Leadership

NABIE produces volunteer leadership that can make a difference.

13. Management

NABIE is the most cost effective vehicle for managing industry-wide concerns and activities.

14. Networking

NABIE events, meetings, member directories and website information exchange make networking a reality for you and your peers.

15. Observation

NABIE gives its members the opportunity to survey the national scene and a chance to probe important industry and economic issues.

16. Profit

Your ability to generate profit is one of NABIE's primary concerns, and our programs are ultimately geared to help you survive, prosper, and do well.

17. Quality

The degree to which you are able to sustain high standards of product quality and customer service will strongly influence your ability to grow. NABIE provides you with examples of firms "doing things right".

18. Recommendations

NABIE can often point you in the right direction for solutions, and strategies.

19. Seminars

One of the greatest pleasures of NABIE membership is participation in annual seminars - thought provoking educational sessions led by successful peers as well as regionally- and nationally-recognized experts.

20. Travel

NABIE membership offers you and your family the opportunity to attend events held at popular destinations.

21. Unity

NABIE Membership gives you and your peers the opportunity to speak with a single voice on matters of importance to your industry.

22. Vision

NABIE helps you visualize the opportunities which lie ahead.

23. Warnings

Bad news on the economic horizon? The regulatory front? NABIE serves as "early warning systems" for their members and help ward off potential industry-wide problems.

24. Youth

NABIE provides a variety of educational materials and public service programs to educate youth about the workings of their industries.

25. Zest

There is something special about celebrating your successes and triumphs with like-minded people, achieving recognition for the good work you've done, and of feeling the tremendous satisfaction of true accomplishment.