John P. Turner PE
Team Engineering
John Turner is a Multi-Discipline (Architectural and Electrical) Licensed Professional Engineer working primarily in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, specializing in building technology and construction. He is also a Board Certified Building Inspection Engineer. As President of Team Engineering, John has diverse experience in all facets of construction. His specialties include residential and commercial inspection, structural and other engineering design, energy-efficiency, renovation consulting, condominiums/association properties and forensic engineering. John provided these services as a franchise engineer from 1993 until 2012. In 2012, the company elected to go independent and formed Team Engineering. The architects, inspectors and engineers at Team are recognized by real estate professionals, consumers, builders, legal and business leaders as the best in the business. John has a proven track record of competence, integrity and commitment as a building inspection & design engineer. John is responsible for development and management of the firm. John is actively involved on a daily basis in building evaluation, design, and architectural engineering. He provides seminars on a variety of topics related to the design, construction and maintenance of buildings.