Darin V. Lasater PE
Acute Engineering, Inc.
Mr. Lasater has 35 years of comprehensive construction, architectural, structural, and civil engineering experience. He has dedicated his career to the study of buildings and building components and how buildings interact with people, weather events, earthquakes, fires and explosions, temperature and humidity, adverse soil conditions, and other natural and man made forces. As a design engineer, he has designed foundation and superstructure, roof, cladding, utility, and pavement repairs and renovations for multi-family housing units, office complexes, retail facilities, warehouses, educational facilities, industrial processes, and residential properties. He has conducted over 500 real estate property inspections to report the condition of existing buildings and other real property and has conducted more than 4,100 forensic investigations to determine cause and extent of damage to building superstructure (steel, wood, concrete, masonry), roofs, foundations, pavements, finishes, indoor air, and building cladding and fenestration. Serving as construction project manager, he has completed multiple construction projects on time and within allotted budget.