NABIE is moving up our planning schedule this year.  We are already planning for 2018 and have a good idea of what 2019 annual events will look like.  We have sent out a survey to the membership to get your opinion on whether you want to do another land base event somewhere in the USA or would you be interested in a cruise event.  You would get the same high quality presentations and fellowship, but in a more relaxed atmosphere which is family friendly.

Based upon basic research we believe that the average member costs for our current meetings break down as follows:

Land Based Meeting Costs:
The cost of a meeting at a hotel is about $1200 per attendee excluding travel.

  • $600 for the conference
  • $500 for 3 nights in the hotel (including tax).
  • $100 for meals not included with the conference.

Cruise Ship Based Meeting Cost:
These costs would vary considerably depending on the length of the cruise, the number of ports visited, and the type of cabin selected on the ship.  The fees below do not include the cost of bringing family members, but the reduced cost of the conference may facilitate this and is encouraged.  The fee for the conference would not apply to a family member.

Estimated Costs $500-$700 per attendee excluding travel.

  • $300-$500 for a least expensive cabin for a 3-5 day cruise.
  • $200 conference cost.

Clearly the benefit of a cruise is that there are no additional charges for food or entertainment.  Expenses for beverages vary.  We have very reasonable options for a party and meeting space is free or very reasonable.  I hope this helps answer your questions.

There are some additional options that must also be considered.  Would you be interested in a 3 or 5-day cruise?  We understand 5 days may be more difficult to plan for but 5 days provides for more vacation time and time enjoying the ports and entertainment and is popular.  5+ days also provide more destination options than a 3 day cruise because they are more available.  If the location of departure is an issue most of the 3 day cruises seem to depart from Florida.

We need to make plans soon if we are going to make this happen, so if you didn’t get the mail out please let us know and we will get you link to the ballot.