We regret to inform you that the planned 2018 NABIE annual conference cruise has been canceled.  This decision was voted on by the Board of Directors during a regular meeting yesterday.  The venue has now been moved to a ground based meeting in San Antonio, Texas during the same time period.

The Board of Directors decided it was in the best interest of NABIE membership to cancel the cruise.  Although there was interest indicated by our membership during polling, the booking rate for this event was too low to ensure that we would have availability for all who may wish to attend due to the evident general popularity of this date and cruise in the cruising community.  Historically we see most of our bookings to the annual meetings in the last quarter before the event.  Because of popularity in cruising during the time of our meeting it was clear that the ship was going to run out of cabin space before our membership would typically have booked.  As a result there would have been a restriction on the number of event spots available in a very short time from now.

If you have booked with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for this cruise you are eligible for a full refund.  Please contact our travel agent to assist you.  Moriah Moore by Phone: (727) 493-1551

The Board has not abandoned the idea of a cruise and will revisit this idea in 2 years.  San Antonio was always our fallback in the event of problems with cruising.  Our presenter lineup is filling out and we will keep you informed as we finalize the hotel, a the full speaker list, and events.  We have visited San Antonio in years past and it is a great destination for this event.